Technology Services

Information Technology Infrastructure

Emergent defines information technology infrastructure (IT infrastructure) as the seamless fabric of interconnected computing and storage systems, mobile devices, software, wired/wireless networks and related technologies. This infrastructure provides for the processing, transmission and storage of vast amounts of vital information used in virtually every facet of society.

As the fabric of connectivity has broadened, the volume of electronic information exchanged through what is popularly known as “cyberspace” has grown dramatically and expanded beyond traditional traffic to include multimedia data, process control signals, and many other forms of information. New applications and services that use IT infrastructure capabilities are constantly emerging and some of the tools that Emergent supports through resource talent acquisition practices include, but are not limited to the following:

Wan, VPN, Internet Help Desk Support, SAN, Security, Cisco (Engineering, Development, Analysis)

Data Management:
Server Virtualization, Storage Scalability, Disaster Recovery

System Integration
Enterprise System Engineering, Performance Engineering, Reliability Engineering



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