Engineering Services

Engineering Services

Over a decade of delivering product design development and engineering support to our customers, we have gained considerable insight and a loyal following of customers. During this period our team of engineer, designers and other staff have performed functions spanning the breadth of product development from initial feasibility, concept development, through detailed design, development, evaluation, tooling, prototyping, manufacturing, launch, and post launch support.

To these functions we have brought our own brand of product development culture that relies on open thought, creativity and inventiveness, along with rigorous application of scientific principles and engineering processes.

Our superior understanding of the ever-changing enabling technologies (CAD, CAE, PLM) has yielded quick maneuverability for our customer.

During this period we have also proven out and established our global delivery model that combines offshore and onshore functions. Our high bandwidth local presence enables clearer communication. That combined with our internal training platform, are key enablers for a successful global delivery model.

Our unique comprehension of software technologies and engineering processes, together with our inventive streak, have led us to the knowledge management frontier, and to the development of unique software tools and services for gathering and delivering know-how, the presumed core competence of any organization. Our E2ks software is truly game changing.

Partner with us, and lets learn and engineer together.


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